Translate an hour reading into an informative, brief and visual summary. To ensure we were on track, we strove to be objective, concise, and comprehensive.

The following were chosen as points of interest from the budget; how much government plans to spend, concepts/pillars that guide the process, estimated goods and services produced in the previous year (GDP), the country debt, what and how much it is? and conclude with the governments’ projected finance plan.

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Construct an information summary, which is objective, concise, and comprehensive

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About Kenya's Budget

Each year on the month of June, the Kenyan government presents a financial forecast for the next year. A financial year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the next year.

This is done to meet the constitution mandate which requires the public to be part of the budget making process.

This is read in parliament and transmitted country wide on majority of traditional media (TV and radio) and new media (social and video sharing), the complete session is a lengthy and detailed hour.