We needed to clearly define and articulate what we do, what matters to us and share the outcome from our projects. Through select discussions with trusted advisors, previous clients and prospects, we identified what was important to them and their expectations.

These discussions enabled us redefine our brand. The identity was inspired by the rapidly evolving web technology, and Gorillas in particular how they interact within their habitat.

Through this we have been able to articulate what we offer and can achieve with our collective experience and knowledge.


Clearly articulate what we do and how we achieve the outcome

  • Branding
  • Communication
  • Company Profile
  • Research

New brand image

About Gorilla Studios

We are a multi-talented duo; both artists, marketers and friendly conversationalist.

Having previously worked with companies in the consumer goods, management consulting, technology, NGO and SME industries, lead to the formation of a branding and digital marketing agency.

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