Are You Getting Value for Your Money?

When scouting for the services of a creative service provider Money should probably be last on that list. The best

When scouting for the services of a creative service provider Money should probably be last on that list. The best bet is to always approach a creative agency armed with the necessary objectives that you as a client need integrated into a website. This way the client gets the biggest BANG for their shilling and that will translate to increase profits. Website are ideally created to make money.

Why you are not getting your money’s worth.

1. Overspending.

Nothing comes easy. Most of us have to toil endlessly to achieve what we want in our businesses, but a plan that is not well thought of is detrimental to progress. More money doesn’t always mean the best solutions instead great and well executed solutions give rise to great business. As mentioned above great and well executed ideas are what make a great business. With this in mind we are better placed to better negotiate projects without having to go over the limit of our hard earned money.

2. Unfulfilled objectives.

In some cases the client just has no idea what they need and most may reference a certain website they like and that in most cases will be used as the blueprint for the development project. My ultimate fundamental question is does it work for their potential client/s? Eventually this question is asked often late and when the process is all done. Engaging with the agency ensures that we have collective ideas shared and enhanced.

3. Inefficient solutions.

Roles of Creative agencies  is to realize a business’s needs , adequately plan and create tailor made specific ideas that are unique to that business needs. Simply copy pasting another site is not enough. A website is meant to identify with a business. It would make no sense to have a site that looks similar and functions like a competitor’s site or consider a website that constantly breaks down due to inadequate troubleshooting during the creation stage, this may cost your business money and a bad reputation! Consider this equation:

Great solutions + perfect execution = happy customer and a thriving business.

4. Untapped market.

A website is a digital employee that works for you if well structured. If the above reasons are true for you, then your website is just up but dormant. This is a result of a not well thought of and executed project that doesn’t set your business on that much needed pedestal. Business end up missing out on potential market leads and have a potential non-existent presence online.

Due to non-compliance in the end product eventually the client misses out on potential market leads that may have been achieved with proper consultation and follow up.

We at Gorilla Studios™ are passionate about success, great ideas and customer satisfaction.

In the age of the internet has birthed forth a stream of ideas that are constantly shaping how we interact and ultimately how we make a living. So much so we can’t afford to just take a back seat, we are constantly in-touch with different cultures which has diversified our way of conducting business. With digital tools at our disposal we are able to literally track and profile consumer behaviors and needs that in turn enables businesses to plan well in advance and move our business to the next level.

Shem Nero A Creative Artist with interests in the sound and Visual Industries. MY MISSION: To establish Gorilla studios to be a leading market innovator, in revolutionizing brands by creating industry specific tailor made strategies that enhances products and translate into profit.