About Us

We are friendly artists and lovers of science, who enjoy working on interesting and cool projects. Our belief is in custom content tailored to your needs, personal to your audience and leverages storytelling to effectively communicate what your brand is all about.

What we value


Through understanding human interation and behaviour you communicate better.


Share with your audience what you care about, build loyalty and grow your brand.


A great & compelling story enables a deeper and stronger connection to your brand.

Create + Market + Communicate


Shem Nero

Creative Director
A Creative Artist with interests in the sound and Visual Industries. MY MISSION: To establish Gorilla studios to be a leading market innovator, in revolutionizing brands by creating industry specific tailor made strategies that enhances products and translate into profit.

Ammon Victor

CEO / Founder
I'm a writer, artist and developer. I enjoy developing innovative and unique ideas to help brands communicate better.